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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Welcome!  The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is dedicated to providing a solid, well-rounded education for our undergraduate and graduate students in the disciplines of chemistry and biochemistry.  From lecture and laboratory courses in inorganic, organic and physical chemistry to specialized courses in organic synthesis, metabolism and catalysis, or quantum chemistry to name a few, our students are exposed to a wide knowledge base from which to build on.  Small class sizes, hands-on learning, and intimate faculty mentorship make our programs stand out.  A major strength of the department is the involvement of all undergraduates in the research programs of our faculty.  Students have the opportunity to work independently on research topics covering analytical, biochemistry, bioorganic, computational, chemical education research, environmental, organic and physical chemistry.  This will culminate in the presentation of their research work or, being co-authored in research publications.

Our graduate program is primarily a research based degree, meaning that a major part of the time in the program will involve working independently on a research project.  Our faculty members take a personal interest in the success of each of their students.  Graduate classes are offered in the evenings, providing the flexibility for those who work, and students can pursue their degree on a part-time or full-time basis.  Graduate students are encouraged to teach introductory laboratory courses and discussion sections thereby gaining teaching skills and learning in the process.  We have excellent facilities and instruments in which to learn nuclear magnetic resonance, x-band electron paramagnetic radiation, high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, ITC, and lasers to support high quality research.  Weekly seminars bring in speakers from industry and other institutions of higher learning, promoting an environment for dialogue between students and experts in their respective fields.  

We have numerous resources for students on our campus. There is an Opportunity Center where students can hold study sessions, get tutoring help for their classes, and find listings about research opportunities, internships, and careers. We have an active chemistry and biochemistry club that not only does outreach activities to get the local community and students exposed to the world of science, but also organizes events allowing for faculty, staff and students to get together outside the school setting. Our department has a lot to offer to students pursuing degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Please take a look around and if you have questions, please contact us.