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Dr. John Haan

Selected Publications

Muneeb, O.,Estrada, J.,Tran, L.,Nguyen, K.,Flores, J., Hu, S., Fry-Petit, A., Scudiero, L., Ha, S., Haan, J.L.*, "Electrochemical Oxidation of Polyalcohols in Alkaline Media on Palladium Catalysts Promoted by the Addition of Copper," Electrochimica Acta, 218, 2016, 133-139.

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Bartrom, A.M., Haan, J.L.*, “The Direct Formate Fuel Cell with an Alkaline Anion Exchange Membrane,” Journal of Power Sources, 214, 2012, 68-74.

(undergraduate co-author, *corresponding author)