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Dr. Zhuangjie Li

Research Interests

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a group of air pollutants that significantly contribute to photochemical smog and secondary organic aerosols.  Understanding the removal of air pollutants from the atmosphere requires kinetics information for the reactions of VOCs with atmospheric oxidants such as OH, Cl, O3,and NO3. It is important to accurately model the atmospheric composition and forecast the air quality of the polluted area. Using the relative rate combined with discharge flow and mass spectrometry (RR/DF/MS) technique our laboratory carries out experimental measurements to acquire such kinetics information.

Inorganic air pollutants such as NO2, SO2, and CO2 are produced in the combustion of fossil fuels, and they are responsible for global changes, including global warming and production of smog particulates that adversely affect the environment and human health. Our laboratory conducts experiments exploring ways for removal of these inorganic air pollutants, with focus on the investigation of reaction mechanisms and kinetics of the chemical processes involving these pollutants using FTIR and mass spectrometry techniques.

Our laboratory is also developing an analytical tool, namely the FTIR-ATR technique, for detection and quantification of VOCs in water, which is important for monitoring water quality and studying the removal of the VOCs contaminants from water.  We hope that this technique can be used to identify and quantify many VOCs contaminants, including industrial solvents, fuel additives, herbicides, and pesticides etc., in water analysis.