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M.S. Degree Requirements

Placement Exams

The placement exams are used to assess undergraduate preparation. Graduate students in Chemistry are expected to pass two placement exams, with one exam fitting the specialty of the students' graduate thesis. There are six placement exams, one in each of the following areas: analytical chemistry, biochemistry, biology, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. In addition to chemistry subject placement exams, all incoming graduate students must meet the university writing requirement by completing one of the following: 1). the Exam in Writing Proficiency (EWP) with a passing grade; 2). Eng 301 or Eng 360 and the received grade must be a "B" or better; 3). a minimum score of 4 on the GRE Writing Assessment Test; 4). a minimum score of 4 on the Graduate Management Admissions test (GMAT) Analytical Writing Assessment.