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Overview of Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs Overview

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Students who intend to become practicing laboratory chemists, either right after graduation or after pursuing an advanced degree, choose our B.S. degree in chemistry. Our graduates who hold a B.S. in chemistry are working in industry, at universities, and in government laboratories. They are doing laboratory research, quality control, computer programming, teaching, and scientific management.

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Students who want to enter the health professions, biochemistry, pharmaceutical or medicinal chemistry, or biotechnology select our B.S. degree in biochemistry. Holders of this degree become medical doctors, pharmacists, dentists or allied health professionals, or they pursue careers in universities, government or the health industries.

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

Students who wish to use chemistry in their careers but not work as a chemist can satisfy a broad variety of interests by taking the B.A. in chemistry. Some of the many possibilities for a person with this degree are sales, marketing, or management in a chemistry-related industry; forensics; patent law; technical writing; art conservation; and high school teaching.

Minors in Chemistry

Students who have interests in chemistry, but prefer to major in another discipline, can choose a minor in chemistry or biotechnology.